10. Heights. While this fear is nowhere near as bad as it was, if he gets high enough, he’ll still get a bit nervous
9. Mabel Juice (“it’s like coffee and nightmares had a baby”)
8. Getting arrested (again)
7. Bankruptcy
6. He’ll fail whatever he is working on under the Shack
5. Bill Cipher
4. The twins don’t really love him
3. Dipper will end up just like him.
2. The twins will get hurt or killed (disappearing is also included) by something he CAN’T stop
1. The twins will get hurt or killed (again, disappearing is included in this) by something he COULD HAVE stopped



So I was on Tumblr this morning and ran across a request someone I don’t know posted to everyone. I’d tag them if I remembered their user name but I don’t. They asked for someone to draw Dipper and Mable teaching Stan more high tech ways to stay in touch when the summer was over. I was pretty bored at school so I said ‘why not’. I know I’m not the greatest cartoonist but I think it’s pretty good. Whoever requested this, I hope you manage to find it somehow.


Was it me? :)

This is awesome! thanks! (thank you even on the off chance it wasn’t me ;) )

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I can see this conversation happening in Gravity Falls:

Some random person: awe, those kids are so cute! Who are they?
Stan: they’re my great niece and great nephew
Person: “great” meaning they’re the grandchildren of your sibling or “great” meaning their amazing?
Stan: both




New video! New teaser! New episode! New claymation! 


Most fans reaction to this: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! YES! THIS IS GONNA BE A GREAT EPISODE!
My reaction to this: STAN CALLED MABEL SWEETIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mabel writes Soos a little story. If you don’t like complete randomness for whatever reason, don’t read this ;)

sorry, some of the pictures look extra horrible this time, I JUST realized I didn’t finish this letter and had to throw in some Mabel drawings.

Last week’s letter, Dipper to Wendy

Upcoming: There will be two changed starting next week: 1. I’m changing the time I post these, I’m gonna try to post them at about 4pm (I live on the west coast) I think more people will see the letters if I post them then. 2. I will post two letters in a single post and I will continue that until probably Halloween.

With that being said, next week’s letters will be Stan’s replies to the twins’ letters. And the week after that will be Wendy’s reply to Dipper and Soos’ reply to Mabel.

Enjoy! Mabel’s letters take so much more work than they should ;) especially when she’s writing storiesimage



Ya know, I’d pay A LOT of money for these cookies to have the symbols from Bill’s wheel from Gravity Falls. :)


I really want to watch the next new Gravity Falls live while my family and I are decorating the house with Halloween stuff.

But at the same time I wouldn’t want to miss anything from the episode because I’m so busy trying to hang up a Halloween decoration…


I have a bad theory


I’m sorry about this, it just came to me
So Soos’s grandma basically said Soos’s grandpa went to hell.
And if you look around Soos and his grandma’s house, you see that all the photographs in the house are of Soos, and not of, like say, his parents. And many of those pictures were…

I know, I’m sorry.

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Me having fun with my note packet for class.
The best part of this is, this is for my government class.


A Gravity Falls comic of Dipper and Mabel buying Stan an iPad and trying to teach him how to use it even though he doesn’t understand it at all, just because Dipper and Mabel want to be able to email, imessage and facetime Stan when they go home.