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  • Question: Crybabies on tumblr are trying to tell people to stop supporting Gravity Falls because one of the guest animators, Paul Robertson, drew some stuff in the past they find offensive. - zedstar
  • Answer:


    J.G. Quintel was hired by Cartoon Network to make a show that features two characters he created that were originally part of a short about two guys tripping out on acid.

    Jhonen Vasquez was asked to create a show for Nickelodeon, despite his major claim to fame being an incredibly bloody, violent comic book series about a psychotic serial killer.

    Before becoming a published children’s book author, Theodore Geisel (aka “Dr. Seuss”) was once banned from writing/drawing for his college’s newspaper after being caught in his dorm room with a bottle of gin during Prohibition.  He had also created a lot of incredibly racist anti-war cartoons during World War II.

    Award-winning children’s book author Jack Gantos had been involved in counterfeiting, drug dealing, and drug smuggling when he was 18.

    If you are going to condemn someone on the grounds of their past, or the work they produce, you would literally have to condemn damn near everyone on tumblr for sexualizing underaged children, Nazis, a goddamn pad of paper, robots, and pretty much everything else you can think of.

    For that matter, Walt Disney himself was not a picture of total innocence.  Furthermore, what a person is paid to do does not define them, nor does the work that they choose to do on their own.  You think the people working at Disney somehow didn’t know about Robertson’s work before hiring him?  Because I’m pretty sure they check these things.

    NOBODY GIVES A GOOD GODDAMN WHAT YOU’RE “OFFENDED” BY.  IT’S NO ONE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU DON’T HAPPEN TO LIKE.  I hate large dogs, but you don’t see me screaming at every large-breed dog owner to euthanize their pets just because I don’t happen to like them. 

    Lastly, nothing Paul Robertson has done on the side has been reflected in the work he has been hired to do.  He keeps his work and his interests SEPARATE.  Thus you have literally ZERO grounds to make any accusations, nor to insist for his departure from working on the show.

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Photo Set

What does she have? Looks like a letter from Mermando to me!


This week’s letters are Mabel writing to Wendy about her first day of school, and Wendy’s reply to Mabel as she writes about her own first day at school.

Last week’s letters Soos’s reply to Mabel and Wendy’s reply to Dipper

Upcoming: Next week Dipper’s letter to Soos about his first day at school, and Soos’s reply to that letter, after that will be a Halloween letter

Funny thing about Mabel’s letter below, she mentions an assignment she has to do for school. The day after I wrote that letter, I found this post by gateaugrimoire and I just…lololol great minds think alike :)

Also another note about Mabel’s I make these letters in Photoshop, and for some reason this with letter of Mabel’s the layer with the text on it, wasn’t a text layer…so I couldn’t edit it…at all…so sorry about any typos!

So, here ya go, enjoy! :)

Photo Set


More fanart!

Our favorite parts of Gravity Falls are when Grunkle Stan and the twins have family time (Scarey-oke has been our favorite). I really want to see more stuff like that: what if Grunkle Stan had to take care of the when they were little???? Younger Stan with salt and pepper hair corralling Pine babies!! I want it all!!!

Just about cried when I saw this! ADORABLE!!! WELL DONE!

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The key to having a perfect smile when you get your picture taken is to think of the funniest Gravity Falls quotes/moments

advise from me, the daughter of a photographer


This week’s letters are Soos’s reply to Mabel’s letter and Wendy’s reply to Dipper’s letter (Highly recommended that you read those letters first)

Last weeks letters: Stan’s reply to each of the twins

Upcoming: Next week read about Mabel’s and Wendy’s first days at school, and then read about Dipper’s first day (along with a letter from Soos)

Here you go! I wanted to make Wendy’s look like she wrote it on notebook paper, but I didn’t have time to do that (btw sorry this letter is coming in a wee bit late) so instead I made the paper she wrote on blue

Enjoy :)





Gravity Flu

I read a cute sickfic that had a lot of adorable family bonding between Dipper and Stan. I love that despite Stan being a grump he actually cares for the twins. Still, I’m not so sure it would actually go like this between them but who cares :)

Basically Dipper has a fewer and I was too lazy to draw the bathroom floor where they sit. Might post some more later.

Gah! I LOVE that fanfic!! I wish the writer would finish it :/ Source: naensut

Gravity Falls fandom: Photoshop that image of Stan kissing the handwitch’s hand so it looks like he’s making out with someone / something else
Me: Photoshop that image to make it look like Stan is kissing his niece and nephew on their foreheads

Someone please do this.


Stan calls Mabel Sweetie

Now he just needs to start calling Dipper something cute and I will be happy